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Age: approx. 2 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd Mix

Meet the precious Paisley!  This beauty is a Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd mix (we think!) who is about 2 years old and 53 pounds.  Paisley is adorable.  She loves, loves other dogs and has happy, playful energy.  Paisley found herself in an overcrowded shelter in Texas and even though her time was up, the staff did everything they could to save her.  We are thrilled to now have her as a Lucky Day dog who is getting lots of love in her foster home in Denver.  

Paisley’s foster mom said this about her:

“Paisley is such a love! This sweet, smart, and intelligent German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix from Bay City, Texas is looking for her forever home. Paisley is loyal to her pack and wants to be with her people and furry friends at all times. While timid and shy at first, her loveable and playful personality shines once she feels comfortable and safe. Paisley is very smart and has already learned a few basic commands such as sit, down, shake, and come. Paisley is house trained but loves to have access to a yard, assuming she was only ever outside in her previous life. Paisley is amazing with other dogs and loves to play with toys, run around in the yard, and wrestle. She is not food or toy aggressive and gets along with just about any dog. When she is not playing with her furry friends, she is cuddling up near them or chewing on her toys/bones. Paisley does best when crated at night as it makes her feel safe and secure. While she would love to cuddle up next to you in bed, she will willingly (as long as a treat is involved) go into her crate and sleep through the night. She loves to be up between 7 and 7:30 and is ready to go but will chill out once she is able to burn off her energy. Don’t let the grey mussel hairs fool you, this girl is spunky, playful, and medium energy which can usually be burnt off by playing with her furry friends or going on a walk. Paisley is an overall amazing and beautiful young pup who is searching for her forever home.

Paisley would do best in a home in which someone was home with her the majority of the day. This sweet girl is very smart and will listen if she is corrected but needs someone to help her understand boundaries and appropriate behaviors. Paisley would be the perfect companion dog and would do best in a home with another furry friend with similar energy levels as they help her feel safe and adjust easier. It is important that the adopters have a yard for her to play in as she loves to be outside. Paisley is still learning how to walk on a leash and it is important that the family or individual works with her every day to overcome some of the challenges she has while on a leash. She is generally scared of men and is frightened by runners, bikers, and loud noises so being confident and patient to correct her and allow her to feel safe is vital. Paisley is truly already an amazing dog and although she still has a lot to learn, she is very eager to please and is going to be even more incredible with consistent training and correction. This sweet and lovable girl deserves the best! “

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