Request a Ride

Transportation Information & Requirements

  • In order to be transported, all dogs must be up to date on Parvo/Distemper, Bordatella and Rabies vaccines.
  • Each dog must have a health certificate.
  • Puppies must have had at least 2 sets of Parvo/Distemper shots and a Bordatella shot to be safe for travel.
  • The dogs should have a collar with their name, and the receiving rescue’s contact information written on it.
  • The vetting paperwork, including the health certificate, should be in envelopes with their name, and the receiving rescue’s contact information written on it. If possible, please also put a copy of the dog’s photo on the envelopes. We need 2 copies of the paperwork, 1 for the receiving rescue and a separate copy for Hope for Paws CO in separate labeled envelopes.
  • Cats & kittens need to travel in their own crate with small litter boxes or kitty pads.

Submit a Boarding Pass

Completion of a Boarding Pass is required for all animals being transported. Please complete the form below and be sure to include a photo of the rescue animal needing a transport. Please send at least 5 days prior to the requested transport date, and be sure to contact the receiving rescue and any other parties, as well. Upon successful submission of your Boarding Pass, we will get in touch in the next 1-2 days to confirm. For your reference, a copy of your completed form will be emailed to you at the email address you specify as “#2: Sender’s Email Address”. Please make sure to add to your contact list. 

    1. Sender's Name

    2. Sender's Email Address

    3. Sender's Phone Number

    4. Receiver's Name

    5. Receiver's Email Address

    6. Receiver's Phone Number

    7. Today's Date

    8. Anticipated/Requested Date of Transport

    9. Rescue Animal's Name

    10. Rescue Animal's Breed

    11. Rescue Animal's Weight

    12. Rescue Animal's Age

    13. Pick-Up Location

    14. Any Known Issues or Special Needs

    15. Any Medical Issues, Behavioral Concerns, etc.

    16. Please confirm that you have *ALL* of the following:
    • Secure collar with sending and receiving rescue name: YesNo
    • Travel Health Certificate with documented parvo, distemper and rabies vaccinations: YesNo
    • WELL LABELED and CONTAINED contents in envelope for each animal to be transported to Denver: YesNo
    • 2 labeled copies of vetting paperwork in separate envelopes, 1 for the transport & 1 for receiver: YesNo

    17. Any Additional Information

    18. Upload a Photo of the Rescue Animal (in .JPG, .JPEG, or .PNG file format)